The Amazing Secrets Out-of-Shape Trainers use to earn Six-figures

The Amazing Secrets Out-of-Shape Trainers use to earn Six-figures

“How come some of my out-of-shape, or straight out fat colleagues have more clients than most of us younger, fitter trainers? I can’t get it! It doesn’t make any sense!”

I got this question from an attendee named Brad that took me to the side in one break in a sales workshop for fitness business entrepreneurs years ago.

As many attendees Brad was a young, buff, intelligent trainer. He was confused about how an Out-of-shape, fat trainer had so many clients and earned high income.

I didn’t have an answer to this odd, yet comprehensible question. This made me think…

I went on a journey to find the common denominator of the out-of-shape trainers’ success.

With data from years of observation and experience, I’m about to reveal some of the amazing secrets out-of-shape trainers use to make themselves six-figures or more.

What I’m about to share them with you, are some profound sales lessons.

Amazing Secret Number 1

Out-of-shape trainers are in many cases more relatable for the out-of-shape client.

People who relate tend to like each other.

Sometimes these clients don’t want a buff, fit 21 year old bossing them around.

They want someone that is an idealized version of themselves.

Someone who is just a bit better than themselves.

Amazing Secret Number 2

Many out-of-shape clients see their out-of-shape trainers as a work in progress they want to emulate.

Think about it…

If the out-of-shape trainer have lost 50 pounds the last 2 years, it shows more progress than the 21 year old that was “blessed with good genes”.

The out-of-shape trainer has credibility and a proven track record to show for.

The out-of-shape trainer gets the underdog benefit as well.

Amazing Secret Number 3

I remember one out-of-shape trainer, that did a whole lot of social activities with his out-of-shape clients.

Burrito-nights, binge-drinking cocktail parties, surprised them with chocolate after cardio sessions…

You may think that this out-of-shape trainer kept his out-of-shape clients fat on purpose, so they stayed on his roster.

Guess again…

This out-of-shape trainer focused on building a relationships.

His happy, satisfied out-of-shape clients referred him more out-of-shape clients.

His out-of-shape clients stayed with him for a long, long time.

Amazing final words

There’s a lot of shaming of out-of-shape people in all parts of society. Kids do it. Parents do it. Grownups are sometimes worse.

Robert Cialdini explains the unfair advantage out-of-shape trainers have over their buff, fit peers. In his famous book Influence, Cialdini reveals the weapon of influence: Liking.

  • People relate to people in their group.
  • People influence each other based on liking.
  • A person that likes another is likelier to comply with that person’s requests.
  • People often comply with people that are like them.
  • Mutual liking triggers unspoken bonding between two people.
  • People like people who cooperate with them towards mutual goals.

The out-of-shape trainers and their out-of-shape clients are partners in crime.

Learn from the out-of-shape trainer.

Keep moving forward,

Cristian Riveros


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