Legendary Bodybuilder’s Tiny Secret To Tremendous Success


Legendary Bodybuilder’s Tiny Secret To Tremendous Success

What you’re about to read can change the destiny of your business. In fact, it can change multiple areas of your life.

You will find lessons to get ahead today, and start getting more progress in life and cash in your pocket.

Now, who am I talking about?

You’ll see.

This guy is one of my all-time favorite idols…

Arnold is kind of a big deal, both figuratively, and literally.

Known for many big victories in life.

Known for many big victories in life…

And has won countless bodybuilding contests, among them Mr. Universe/Olympia several times.

Later he became one of the best-paid action-actors, probably in history. It didn’t matter which corny role he took (he even played a pregnant man once, if you remember). Most of his movies sold out.

After his successful Hollywood career, he went into politics. Not only that, he actually became the Governor of California.

Perhaps, the most important achievement, was to become a well-known philanthropist. Working to improve different parts of society (After-school programs for kids ++).

Obviously, I’m talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger…

To have achieved so much success in different areas, the cool thing about Arnold is that he has a very simple philosophy.

You can read about it in his biography, Total Recall. I highly recommend you dive into it, as it shows in-depth what he had to go through to conquer all his victories.

Where was I?

One of Arnold’s secrets to getting tremendous success, comes from one of the simplest things you can read. It’s actually one of his main rules in life.

In its simplicity, it’s still one of the most powerful principles you can use to get better at all aspects of your life. Among them, growing and scaling your fitness business.

Are you ready to get it?

Three magical words…


Why? l’ll get to that soon.

When Arnold got to America, he could barely speak English. He had to learn the language. Imagine trying to learn English as a grown man…

Arnold’s first mission in life was to conquer the international bodybuilding arena. For that to happen, he had to spend hours in the gym. Lifted weights every day. Eated and rested. Disciplined.

So Arnold did the reps. He lifted the weight daily. Practiced his posing. Memorized his grammar. Practiced the lines for his auditions (for movie roles he didn’t get – but that a different story).

It didn’t matter it was, Arnold did the reps.

The tiny secret to his tremendous success was to do the reps.

That’s Arnold’s recipe. Steal it, use to create more high value content, sell more, get more clients and grow your business today.


Whether you want to build your muscles, build your business, or make a huge impact. Keep showing up.

It’s kinda the opposite what you’ll hear from all the fluff-preneurs.

You know, that Einstein quote: “insanity is doing the same, and expecting different results”.

If you really think about it, to get better or improved results, you actually have to keep on doing the same.


Cause by doing the reps, your efforts compound – over time. Just like building a muscle.  Intense work, rest, repeat.

And the real secret behind doing reps…

repetition builds capacity.

Practice the key parts of your sales presentation. How you train and coach your client. How you create the content for your marketing, even if you don’t post it. Practice all your client-getting efforts.


Looking forward to hear how you applied this.

Keep Moving Forward,

Cristian Riveros


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