Cristian's workshop was the catalyst to the success of my business. When moving from a commercial gym to a private facility, Cristian gave me the tools. He gave me accountability. It boosted me to acquire clients in a different environment.
Cristian teaches moral and ethical selling. There is no sleazy manipulation. Just proven techniques designed to attract the right client to you.
He still follows up with me regularly. Cristian checks in on my business. Offering valuable tips on my social media activity, going above and beyond to help in any way he can.

Andrew Morrow (Ireland)

Personal Trainer

I'm a serial-entrepreneur within the health and fitness space. I know firsthand the importance of having the best by my side when it comes to marketing and business strategy. We're a big business in a highly competitive market. To be a serious competor, to grow, and evolve in the marketplace you need to have a strategic partner. It's crucial for the survival of your business. And what better strategic partner than Fitness Business Entrepreneur (Cristian Riveros).
When I started in 2010, even before I graduated as a physiotherapist, I started my first business with no prior knowledge or experience. Thanks to the roadmap, and pieces of advice shared by FBE I was able to do quite well. Cristian sat down with me and asked me what my goals, dreams, and the purpose with my business. He listened and gathered information. Then layed down his best pieces of advice for what my next steps should be.
He made something that felt so far fetched feel within reach, this made it easy, fun, and intuitive for me to follow.
My peers told me it would take around 3-5 years before I could expect my business to be sustainable and self-going. It took me less than 3 months and my days were filled up. Suddenly I had to look for a bigger place and hire some co-workers.
As my team and business grew, times have changed. The methods for how to market our company, have evolved with time. Now with social media, an more competitors it's even more important to be on the ball.
FBE has continually provided me with the newest, and most updated knowledge to keep scaleing my business. And very important, how to retain customers.
It has been especially helpful in getting help in creating the right and relevant content. Working with FBE has provided me with the peace of mind to not worry about the marketing or strategy. I rather enjoy running my business and develop my skills as a professional. My knowledge is my greatest asset.
Every year I hire Cristian's services for my staff and myself. Cristian always provides us with the most entertaining and engaging lectures. He also follow-up with one to one coaching for all of my staff. I get a huge return of my investment everytime we hire their services. It's both satisfying and motivating for our team. My team members are purpose-driven, and I feel I get the minimum of 10x the financial investment I make hiring Cristian.
I highly recommend FBE to ambitious fitness business owner. Anyone who wants to be live by working with their passion. Anyone who want to scale their business getting the best tools, by the best in the industry.

Finn-Tore Camacho Bjørnsand (Norway/Mexico)

Physiotherapist, founder of Muskelklinikken, Sportsklinikken, Oslo Performance Center, and The Norwegian Sport and Health Institute.

Half a year ago I settled as a physio in the private sector in the capital Oslo. I didn't know anyone and doubted whether I could survive. I was convinced of my qualities and experience and it frustrated me that I could not apply them. Why not? Nobody knew I was there. After several months, I realized that I needed help with marketing and sales.
Cristian was recommended to me. The first contact was immediately pleasant. I felt confident. An intensive course with clear structure, structured methodology and great practical translatability followed. The first working day I applied Cristian's methodology and was able to sell 20 sessions immediately. One month on and I have my agenda half full! I am incredibly happy with this.
Do you work in the private sector? Do you feel insecure in marketing and sales? Can you use some more customers? Contact Cristian today. He recognizes your situation. He gives you great confidence and helps you step by step to achieve your goal.
Of course, you have to get to it yourself. Cristian teaches you how to, and remains very involved and advisable even afterwards.


I can heartily recommend Cristian. He knows sales and marketing 💯and can guide you reaching your goals.

Robert Carlier (Nederlands)


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